For our guests
For our guests


1. Meeting the guests. 
Date of tourists and the local population will be accompanied by a live national music. 

2. The settlement offers. 
After the meeting, the tourists and the local population will stir them for the cottages that were previously chosen by the guests or will be given by our experts on selection (after the construction of cottages, each cottage will that serves to our site, and guests can order room which they loved). 

3. Maintenance of guests. 
After placement of the guests will be given the services provided by our company, holiday cottages and nature tour on horseback through the gorge "Sarmishsay" different evening entertainment program participation and presence during the preparation of Uzbek national dishes and others. 

Uzbek national dish - it's bright colors of nature, centuries-old traditions and the aroma of the East, the food, which will not leave indifferent any gourmet connoisseur and a true taste. Feeling the flavor of the dish, and even more so when he saw him, your stomach once you scream "I'm hungry!". Gastronomic pleasures in Uzbekistan, believe me, no less than the stars in the sky! 

Recipes dishes of Uzbek national cuisine evolved over many centuries. There were here without the culinary influence of other nationalities, who have repeatedly won the lands of Central Asia, but the Uzbek dishes still acquire its own specifics. A distinctive feature of the dishes of Uzbek cuisine is the use of all the gifts of nature of Uzbekistan. Most of the dishes are prepared using large amounts of oil: cotton, sunflower or sesame, with the addition of sheep fat. In the formation of the Uzbek cuisine recipes have contributed not only culinary masters, and doctors. According to one legend, pilaf recipe made himself Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna). 

The main ingredients of the Uzbek dishes - flour, meat (mostly lamb), kurdjuchnyj fat (fat), vegetables, herbs and spices. There are dishes that are prepared exclusively by men or only women. The preparation of some special dishes associated with the holidays, memorable events, beliefs. 
Uzbek dishes are usually very nutritious and high-calorie. Of great importance in their cooking are herbs and spices -. Coriander (cilantro), cumin (zra, cumin), barberry, sesame, Rayhon (basil) and other spices increase the appetite, so these dishes I want to eat as soon as uchuesh their flavor. Often in the recipes of Uzbek national dishes used katyk (sour milk, yogurt classic), and green radish. It is less burning than black radish, and in combination with oil and even sweet carrots; 
In the process of cooking often Uzbek cuisine can not do without the specific Central Asian cooking appliances and utensils: 
 - Kasakan (mantyshnitsa). Some Uzbek national dish is prepared exclusively for a couple - a variety of dumplings and Aliyeva. For their preparation, a special pot - kaskan with removable grilles (mantyshnitsa, steamer); 
- Tandoor - the Central Asian clay oven. Make it manually. It resembles a large crock. Tandoor there are vertical and horizontal. For example, the horizontal are more suitable for baking cakes, and vertical - for samsa; 
- Kettle - iron pot with thick walls. Many dishes are obtained only cook in a cauldron, since it keeps well and evenly distributes heat 
National dishes, which traditionally serve food: 
- Kasushka - a large bowl for food; 
- Lyagan - large dish decorated with traditional paintings. In lagans served risotto and many other dishes. 
- Bowl from which you drink tea; 
Traditionally, eating in Uzbekistan at a low table - dastarkhan on the floor, in the summer - on aivan (couch). Around dastarkhan laid kurpachi colorful (sort of Central Asian mattress) and small pillows to, delicious eaten, it was possible to relax without leaving the table. 
The food is strictly not use pork. 

The Uzbek cuisine there are more than a thousand national dishes and about 100 ways to cook Uzbek pilaf. Calorie content and ecological cleanness of local food is unique. Uzbek cuisine is impossible to describe in words, it is necessary to try. Awesome taste fruits and vegetables grown under the tender oriental sun are also components of the Uzbek cuisine. 

Uzbek cuisine - a delicious, juicy lamb, golden hot cake, lots of fragrant spices, wonderful green tea, sweets, a thousand delicious fruits and vegetables, and most importantly - an infinitely gracious Asian hospitality!



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For our guests

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For our guests

For our guests

1. Meeting the guests. Date of tourists and the local population will be accompanied by a live national music. 2. The settlement offers. After the

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